I’m going to be taking some time off for the month of May. While I’m gone, I’d love to see what readers, fans, artists, and well-trained gophers can do to contribute. So, I’m putting a call out to anyone interested: I’d like to run your guest strips in my absence. Draw Mort, Chester, or whatever old character I have… and give it your own twist.

I usually only run one comic per week. However, I plan on coming back strong in June, no matter what… which means if I get extra comics, I’m going to run more than one of them per week. I want to make sure you get to show your hard work, after all.

Before we go hogwild, here are a few guidelines:

  • The comic is posted at 810 pixels wide. It can be as tall as you’d like.
  • As far as what’s allowed, we generally keep it around the level of “Looney Tunes”. Morbid humor is welcome, but try to steer clear of any language or art that’s not safe for work.
  • Use whatever characters you’d like: Mort and Chester, old characters I’ve forgotten about, or even new ones you make up. Have fun with it.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or comment below. You can reach me at jbabbcomics at gmail dot com, or through any of the handy social networks on the sidebar.