I once met someone* who, for a combination of reasons, had never cooked anything in his life. Finding himself in his own apartment and in his twenties, he decided to change this. He proceeded to buy a few pans, and cooked himself a modest dinner. He was extremely proud of the fact that he had finally conquered that obstacle, but was aghast at how many dishes he had dirtied in the process. He decided to dump all his dirty dishes in the sink, fill the sink with soapy water, and leave the actual washing of the dishes for another day.

Several weeks later, the dishes were still sitting in the sink, untouched. A green mold/algae had grown over the surface of the water in the sink, and stood at least an inch high. Instead of cleaning the sink out himself, he hired a maid for a day. The price was steep, and I’m relatively sure the cleaning service blacklisted him after that. He still bragged it was worth every penny.

He hasn’t cooked since.

*Note: No, this someone is not me.