You may have heard of Penny-Arcade’s charity Child’s Play. I have a group of friends locally who have decided to raise money for this charity in a fairly amusing way: By playing the most insanely frustrating and difficult games they can find, non-stop, for the entire weekend… and streaming the entire experience for you to watch. That’s right: They’ll suffer for your amusement.

And for some reason, I agreed to be part of this as well.

How it works
The idea behind this whole thing is driven by schadenfreude: a crew will be playing a slew of games round the clock*. The longer they play, the more frustrated they get… and the more amusing it is to watch them. The entire ordeal is free to watch on their site, but donating money prolongs their suffering… and it can win you some prizes as well.

We’ll have a live chat open the entire time (and someone who will be able to relay your messages, if the players are too busy swearing or weeping), so you can add your snarky commentary and witty one-liners to the fray.
*Full disclosure: there isn’t just one person who’s going to stay conscious and playing games the entire weekend… I’m relatively sure that would end really badly. We’re doing this in shifts, so we all can survive the ordeal.

The Games:
While you may not be familiar with all of these games, rest assured: most of them have reviews that include words like “excruciating” and “insanely”.

  • I Wanna Be the Guy
  • La Mulana
  • Super Meat Boy: the Dark Levels
  • Bit Trip Runner 2
  • N+ (co-op mode, because it’s harder)

So make sure to tune in and check it out, starting at noon (CST) this Friday, May 24th.