For some reason, all this reprogramming reminds me of a not-so-bright roommate I had in college. My roommate had decided that he was going to fix our television one day. I was concerned for two reasons:
1. There was nothing wrong with the television at the time.
2. He knew absolutely nothing about electronics.

Despite my warning, he proceeded to remove the back of the television, indiscriminately jabbed a screwdriver into it several times and, finding a suitable spot, started twisting. This wouldn’t have been too worrisome, except the television was still turned on. Within about thirty seconds, there was a huge spark/small explosion, and my roommate rolling around on the ground in pain from being electrocuted.

After a bit, he stopped, calmly sat up, grabbed his screwdriver, and resumed his previous stab/twist routine with the (still on, though not quite intact) TV.

I don’t know how many more times he got electrocuted that day, but we ended up buying a new TV that week.